Related applications

TV Applications which interact with nxtvepg

The following TV applications support the EPG interaction features, such as switching channels from inside nxtvepg or programme title on-screen display.

I'd love to add more TV apps in this list. See the developer's FAQ

TV Applications whose channel table nxtvepg can load

The following TV applications do not support nxtvepg, however nxtvepg can load at least their channel table and (Windows only) TV card configuration to speed up initial configuration.

Note nxtvepg can also load TV channel tables of apps in the previous category.

Recording and scheduling applications which can be programmed by nxtvepg

The following recording applications can accept parameters for timers from nxtvepg. Note that generally all applications which accept parameters on the command line fall into this category (nxtvepg can start external applications for the context menu, reminder messages and TV EPG on-screen-display)

Applications which can import Nextview EPG data

The following EPG applications can import Nextview EPG data which has been acquired by and exported from nxtvepg. Generally all applications which support the XMLTV file format fall into this category.

For more applications see the XMLTV homepage


The following applications and web sites are related to nxtvepg or Nextview EPG in general.

If you know other programs which fall into any of the above categories, feel free to mail me about it.