2.6.0 pre-releases change log

This page summarizes changes between pre-releases which led to the 2.6.0 release. It's only kept for historical interest as the main change log summarizes all changes that finally went into 2.6.0. See also the nxtvepg mailing list archives.

Note the format of rc/ini file has changed in 2.6.0pre0, 2.6.0pre3 and 2.6.0pre4; it will be automatically upgraded (upgrade from pre2 to pre3 was broken though, sorry) upon the first start when using an rc/ini file written by an older version. Make a copy before so you can still use it with older versions.

Note: due to changes in the acquisition statistics structures in versions 2.6.0pre2 and pre7 the daemon is no longer compatible with repective earlier versions of the nxtvepg GUI and vice versa.

Changes between 2.6.0pre6 and 2.6.0pre7 (RC3)

Changes between 2.6.0pre5 and 2.6.0pre6 (RC2)

Changes between 2.6.0pre4 and 2.6.0pre5 (RC1)

Changes between 2.6.0pre3 and 2.6.0pre4

Changes between 2.6.0pre2 and 2.6.0pre3

Changes between 2.6.0pre1 and 2.6.0pre2

Changes between 2.6.0pre0 and 2.6.0pre1

Changes between 2.5.2 and 2.6.0pre0